Pond Design and Construction

There are few things more interesting and relaxing in a garden, than a beautiful water feature.

Garden pond

Ponds4wildlife is a Dorset based garden pond designer and builder, our services include:

Why have a wildlife pond

In our modern world, habitats are being squeezed or destroyed at an alarming rate. It is particularly evident in the UK. Indeed, about one-quarter of Britain was covered in wetlands, before extensive human activity, drained them turning them over to agriculture and eventually housing and industrial sites. Just five percent now remains. Naturally this has impacted on populations of numerous species of animals and plants.

By building a pond in your garden you would be creating a new habitat, a mini eco system that would help to reverse the trend. Giving water dependant animals and plants a much greater chance of spreading and surviving. Ideally, the more ponds there are in an area, the greater the concentrations of these habitats, thus increasing the connectivity between them. Besides the obvious advantages to wildlife a pond can be the most dynamic feature of any garden. It’s never still, from animals and insect to the gentle sway of rushes and plants. The eye is constantly drawn to it, looking for change as the seasons turn and the days pass. It can be a real focus for learning and entertainment, whist being an asset to the wider environment.

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